Drinking Clean Water is a basic Human Right or is it?

Fortunately, the great majority of individuals in this world live in developed countries where finding clean drinking water is as simple as turning on the tap, pressing a glass onto the fridge door dispenser, or leaning over a water fountain at the local park.

Unfortunately, however, many people in the world don’t have access to any of these luxuries.

The Problem

Millions of people each day are forced to walk miles away from their hot, unprotected homes to collect water each and every day. This water is rarely clean, and leads to a host of infections and diseases due to the unfiltered source and the bacteria-ridden buckets that they use to carry it from one area to the next.

Because of the hard labor individuals living in these areas have to put in each day to gather water, cultivate food, and keep their small communities living, their need for clean drinking water is even greater. The lack of clean drinking water leads to many orphaned children and struggling families who wake up each day just trying to survive. It can be hard to picture what a life it must be like, especially when living in an area that has never seen such devastation or duress.

Clean drinking water is most certainly a human right. It is something everyone should be able to have access to, regardless of their socioeconomic status or where they live. If they do not have a source for clean drinking water, it is the responsibility of others to help provide it for them, and that’s why the Human Appeal Australia advocacy group is looking to enable those of us who enjoy the right to clean water to provide this right to others who currently do not have access to it.

What You Can Do About It

Human Appeal Australia has been working to provide fresh, clean drinking water to regions around the world since 1991. They have so far installed more than 12,000 water wells that continue to supply clean drinking water to more than 2 million individuals.

By donating to a water well project, you can help fund the digging of a well in one of countless underprivileged areas to help more than 1 billion people around the world who do not have access to clean drinking water.

Compared to many other outreach programs, the digging of water wells is seen as one of the most effective because it is a long-term, viable solution to a dire problem.

While sponsoring an orphan, for example, allows you to provide food and education to a child, your impact can only go so far.

With a water well, once it is dug, it will provide years’ worth of clean drinking water to hundreds, if not thousands of people in need.

The lasting change has a broader impact on communities and can directly contribute to saving the lives of many individuals who would otherwise not have access to safe water sources.

It’s also an excellent way to leave a lasting legacy for yourself, a child, or a friend. If you choose to donate a well, you can have your name placed on the plaque that will be displayed on the well upon its completion. And, if you have ever been weary about donating because you were not sure that your money would actually be put to good use, Human Appeal Australia helps alleviate that worry.

Once your well has been finished, you will receive a report that includes a letter of appreciation, two photos of the newly dug well, a large photo of the well and the beneficiaries, and stats about your well, including how many people it will provide clean water to in the area.

Be apart of the Change, Help Change a life & Build a Community.