My Grand Iftar

For over 27 years, Human Appeal International Australia has helped the poor and needy all over the world. Throughout the process of providing, with the will of Allah, for thousands of orphans, widows, widows, poor, needy and war-stricken communities we have continuously tried to be creative about how we help those in need. Not because creativity is what is asked for, but because it gives us many channels to provide for the brothers and sisters we serve.

In the spirit of always being with you on the road to goodness, we launched a new initiative in 2015 called My Grand Iftar. This is a unique initiative aimed at embracing the spirit of the Holy Month of Ramadan and getting our community involved. Those who choose to participate are not only raising money for those who need it, but also raising awareness to the plight of the less fortunate around the world.

It is a chance to involve family and friends in a supportive, caring and warm environment where not only do you sit together and share great food, but also contribute to someone else’s ability to do the same, potentially thousands of kilometres away.

The purpose of My Grand Iftar will be to raise money for a specific goal or project as outlined in our host kit. You can fundraise in various ways, from getting a business to sponsor your iftar, collecting donations from family and friends, to even running an auction at your iftar. It is essential that your invitees are well informed of the goal and that they are invited well in advance.

Once you register your interest, we make it very easy to run your iftar, with our host kit. The host kit gives you ideas on how to plan and execute your iftar, what to tell friends and family beforehand, the project/cause ‘menu’ where you can choose how much you are aiming to raise and finally, how you can get creative doing all of that.

A noble cause, Ramadan spirit, comfort of friends and family, great food and doing our religious duty to those in need. Now that’s what I call a win-win! To see how your Iftar could look, checkout the video below featuring one of our generous participants: