Aqiqah is the name given to the sheep that is slaughtered to celebrate the birth of a baby. Aqiqah is a Sunnah Muakkadah that has been recommended by the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. He reported that every newborn baby should have an Aqiqah slaughtered for it, the baby’s hair should be shaved and a name assigned to it. All this should occur seven days after the birth, although it can also be performed after that time. As reported by our Prophet PBUH, the Aqiqah for a male baby is two sheep and for a female baby one sheep.

The Prophet PBUH said: “Every newborn baby is in pledge for
his Aqiqah, a Sacrifice is made for him on the seventh day, his
head is shaved and he (or she) is given a name” [Abu-Dawood].

How does HAA help in regard to your Aqiqah?

As soon as your child is born, get in touch with Human Appeal regarding the Aqiqah.
Visit your local office or simply give us a call on 1300 760 155 and our dedicated staff be willing to help.

We slaughter the sheep for your Aqiqah locally in much needed regions such as Bangladesh,
Somalia and Sri Lanka . With a donation of $150 per sheep, we can ensure to spread the blessing of your lovely
newborn to other parts of the world as well.


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