Bilal El-Hayek was born in Lebanon and moved to Sydney with his family at a young age. Throughout his school years, he developed a passion to forge a career serving the community and began that journey more than 10 years ago, serving local youth and families.

Bilal was elected on Canterbury Bankstown Council in September 2017. He also holds the position of Youth Coordinator at Bankstown Police Citizens and Youth Club (PCYC), where he manages many youth and family programs.

He is also involved in the planning of Harmony Day activities, which bring families of different cultures together, to celebrate multiculturalism in Canterbury-Bankstown.

Bilal is helping Human Appeal raising funds for our drought stricken farmers. Go Bilal Help Farmers.

Human Appeal is also accepting general donations which will go directly towards helping our farmers in Eastern Australia. We request each reader in whatever way possible either through participation or most importantly, donating towards the Farmers’ Drought Appeal with one of our existing packages or generally.

Together we've raised so far:


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