The delivery of goodness

The delivery of goodness

To Provide Urgent Relief to drought-affected farmers.

On Saturday 18th August Human Appeal Australia launched The Farmers Drought Appeal to help affected farmers with urgent relief.

Human Appeal with the help of our generous community has been able to raise and allocate an amazing amount of $90,000 to help alleviate the hardship faced by farmers.

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Indonesia Earthquake & Tsunami field update

Areas visited:

Balaroa, Sidera Village, Sigi, Petobo, Loli Donggala, Loru village


Aid distributed:

  • Food Packs
  • Hygiene and sanitation kits
  • Baby kits
  • Emergency shelters
  • Clean Water


On the 25th October 2018 a team from Human Appeal Australia visited Indonesia to oversee the relief efforts and help in distributing aid to brothers and sisters affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami that hit Sulawesi – Indonesia on Friday 28th September 2018. Read more

Great Day for a Good Cause

On Sunday the 23rd of September 2018 our community has again shown solidarity with local projects and needs. Close to 2000 participants enjoyed a fun-packed family open day at Belmore Sports Grounds all came for the purpose of raising funds for the Farmers Drought Appel initiated by Human Appeal. The day started at 5am with […]

Fundraising for a Great Cause Livestreamed

Call to Support the People of Burma, Gaza and Syria

Fundraising for a Great Cause Livestreamed on Three Social Media Platforms

Human Appeal Australia’s Call to Support the People of Burma, Gaza and Syria

By Abdnaser Ali Elghirani, Wednesday 13 June 2018

On Friday 8th of June 2018, one of the best blessed nights of Ramadan at 9:30 pm Sydney Local Time, Human Appeal Australia in partnership with OnePath Network ran a live-stream fundraising campaign on the social media channels Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. The fundraiser was also broadcasted live on the Voice of Islam Radio in Sydney in a quest to help save lives, relieve hunger and provide shelter to the needy in Burma, Syria and Gaza. Read more



The Eid Show Got Talent 2018 organised by the charity Human Appeal Australia was held on Saturday night in Bankstown amidst great excitement and fun-filled enjoyment.

Thousands of visitors came to the annual Eid Show to celebrate the end of the fasting month of Ramadan in a family-friendly environment, enjoying an array of thrilling rides, entertaining stage shows and games, fireworks, delicious street food and fun for all.  Read more

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak

As Muslims around the world have completed fasting the holy month of Ramadan and are now enjoying Eid al-Fitr,  it is a great pleasure to send you my best wishes and to extend it to your families and friends in Australia and around the world.
Through Ramadan Muslims willingly undertake the feeling of hunger and thirst with those poor and needy who struggle to secure a meal or can’t find water to drink.Therefore they thrive to donate and give the needy during the blessed month. Read more

Birrong Boys High School Ramadan Iftar

On Monday 5th June, 2017, Birrong Boys High school with the support of Human Appeal Australia (HAA), once again held a successful Iftar (Breaking of the Fast) with 200 people from staff, students and their families, community representatives, principals of other schools, the HAA team and special guest such as The Hon Luke Foley MP, The Hon Jason Clare MP, Ms Tania Mihailuk MP and Mr Bashar Al Jamal HAA Director. Read more