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Campaign description

The violent uprising that has been occurring in Myanmar has left destruction everywhere in its wake. The ethnic cleansing occurring in the country that has targeted the Rohingya population is forcing its people to abandon their homes making them displaced within their country and many more seeking refuge elsewhere.

Since the escalated violence in August 2017, almost 650,000 people have made the journey from the Rakhine state into Bangladesh where currently there are 835,000 refugees residing within the camps of the Cox’s Bazar district. Almost 54% of them are children or teenagers whilst 30% are younger than the age of 5.

Unfortunately, a recent study by fellow organisations showed that one in four children aged between 6 months and 5 years are suffering acute malnutrition, and many more are severely malnourished. Many families require food aid and are threatened from malnutrition.

Human Appeal Australia, together with its field partners, is on the ground providing food, water and medical assistance to help the victims.

How you can help?

With your generosity we will be able to save lives, provide necessities and support during this difficult time.

The Rohingya people are in need of immediate relief. With your help we can provide support by distributing food, shelter and medical aid. Your contribution can really help save a life in need.

Please act URGENTLY and help us relieve their suffering.

$125 you can provide clothing to 5 families.

$200 you can provide tent shelter and utensils to 2 families.

$1750 allows a mobile medical clinic to treat 250 people a day.