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Over the past 13 days, a ship has been burning ferociously off the west coast of Sri Lanka.

This has caused the largest maritime disaster in the country’s history. The large container ship was carrying chemicals and plastic. Now as it begins to sink, officials are deeply concerned about the possibility of an oil spill.

As a result of the chemical spill, authorities had to place a ban on all fishing activities in the area due to pollution & contamination. Sri Lanka’s minister of fisheries & aquatic resources development has stated that around 12,000 fishermen and another 3,993 people depend on fishing trade in the area. Their livelihoods have no come to a complete stop. As a result, many people cannot secure food for their families.

This follows the economic and medical impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the country. Unfortunately, the spread has reached an all-time high at an average of almost 3,000 new infected cases daily. Hospitals are running low on oxygen supplies whilst families do not have access to simple necessities to maintain basic hygiene.

Human Appeal is working with its field partners to provide food packs, hygiene kits & oxygen concentrator machines to help those affected.