Umrah Tour Gathering

The participants were glad to come together again after their unforgettable journey as they shared enjoyable memories & uplifting stories about their time abroad. They all contributed to the evening as they spoke of the impact the tour had on their lives, describing how the trip make them reflect on the blissful life they live in Australia making them content for what they had in comparison to the poor & needy overseas. Read more

Birrong Boys High School Iftar

We are pleased to sponsor the Birrong Boys High School Iftar this Ramadan. The Iftar were held at the Himalaya Emporium Function Centre 20 June 2016 opened by a Quran recitation by Jaber Deeb, year 11 SRC and welcome by Ahmad AL Khazaaly, School Captain. Various speeches were presented by Jason Clare MP, Darren Stevens […]

Great News! Over $400,000 raised During Fundraising

The event was attended by well known Imams, politicians & prominent community figures. During the dinners, we presented our latest charity projects for needy countries like Syria, Palestine, Sri Lanka and many others. 800 guests broke their fast for a generous cause in Adelaide, Melbourne & Sydney. With their generosity, over $400k was donated for […]

Australia: Local schools share in the spirit of Ramadan

The Iftar dinners were not restricted to only those of the Islamic faith but were used as opportunities to share meals with people of several beliefs and backgrounds. The events included talks by school principals or their representatives and local government and community officials who spoke of the need to celebrate and share experiences together. […]

Tuesday 22 March 2016 Human Appeal International Australia hosted its 9th Annual Year 12 Muslim Achievement Awards in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide over the weekend. Students who achieved an ATAR score of 90% or above in 2015 were encouraged to register for the awards. Various respected members of the community, leaders, politicians and businesses attended […]

We always respond to those who call for help.

At the Turkish border, another convoy carrying 500 tonnes of flour was sent through to Syria to help feed those in need. After experiencing enough darkness for a lifetime, these Syrian children still brighten up the world with their smiles 

SOL 2016: Six city charity concert

This year the performing artists included the most popular Swedish singer Maher Zain, Macedonian/Turkish vocalist Mesut Kurtis, young British artist Harris J, American singer/actor/comedian Omar Regan and Kuwaiti nasheed performer Humood Alkhuder. Read more


The journey commenced with undertaking the minor pilgrimage (umrah) in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Very little equates to the spiritual enrichment gained from umrah. Worshippers dressed in ceremonial plain white cloth visiting Islam’s holiest mosque, the Kaba, performing rituals of spiritual cleansing as performed by Prophet Abraham and taught by the last and final Prophet of […]

8th Annual Fundraising Iftar in Sydney

Alhamdulilah our 18th Annual Fundraising Iftar in Sydney was a great success. The soothing voice of international nasheed artist Yahya Hawwa created a beautiful atmosphere. With the generosity of our community we were able to raise $186,300.00!!!