Drinking Clean water

Drinking Clean Water is a basic Human Right or is it?

Fortunately, the great majority of individuals in this world live in developed countries where finding clean drinking water is as simple as turning on the tap, pressing a glass onto the fridge door dispenser, or leaning over a water fountain at the local park.

Unfortunately, however, many people in the world don’t have access to any of these luxuries. Read more

Sydney Award Recipients 2018


Tuesday 20 March 2018

Human Appeal Australia hosted its 11th Annual Year 12 Muslim Achievement Awards in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne over the previous two weekends. Year 12 students who achieved an ATAR score or equivalent of 90% or more in 2017 were invited to register for the awards. Various respected members of the community, school principals, politicians, businesses and family members attended ceremonies in the five cities. An incredible two hundred and forty-nine students, sixty more than last year, were honoured for their hard work and awarded certificates of recognition, laptops and various other prizes. Read more

Sydney Ghouta Fundraising Dinner

Sydney Ghouta Fundraising Dinner

To our Generous Community

On behalf of the Human Appeal Australia, we would like to express our profound gratitude to our community for supporting the Ghouta Fundraising Dinner which took place on Sunday 18th March 2018, at Himalaya Emporium Function Centre/ Bankstown.

To the donors, guests, volunteers and to all those who worked so tirelessly to ensure the evening was perfect, we thank you. The continued generosity and dedication shown to helping our brothers and sisters in Syria has warmed our hearts and filled us with utmost gratitude. Read more

Getting ready to perform Umrah at the Kaba in Mecca


Human Appeal Australia (HAA) in conjunction with Deen Academy (DA) hosted a group of young Muslim Australians for its fourth annual Aspiring Leaders Umrah Tour of four countries – Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and UAE. The tour, comprising fifteen participants from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and for the first time Perth, took place from 5 to 24 February 2018. The group of young university students and graduates were led and mentored by Bashar Al-Jamal, director of HAA and Dr Zac Matthews from DA. Read more

Rohingya Refugees School Projects (H1)

Rohingya Refugees School Projects (H1) Human Appeal Australia putting the final touch finishing two school buildings in Myanmar, these schools will provide the necessary education for displaced Rohingya children who were affected by violence and ethnic cleansing recently. Rohingya Refugees School Projects will consist of 2 school buildings, each building has 3 classrooms to accommodate […]

Sounds of Light 2017 Charity Concert

The internationally-recognised Sounds of Light Charity Concert (SoL)held in all major cities of Australia from 23 to 27 November 2017. SOL is a mega-event on the calendar of the Australian Muslim community with destinations nationwide in order to bring Muslim communities together for an evening of delightful entertainment and benefit orphans and disadvantaged children overseas.

Australian Muslim Talent showcase at SoL 2017

A large number of young individuals and school choirs showcased their creative talents at the Sounds of Light 2017 held in all major cities of Australia from 23 to 27 November. The internationally-recognised Sounds of Light Charity Concert (SoL) is a mega-event on the calendar of the Australian Muslim community with destinations nationwide in order […]

Australia is ready for the biggest Islamic Charity

Will be held in 5 cities in a purpose of helping the orphans around the world. For the 8th time, Human Appeal Australia plan to host the biggest Islamic charity concert in Australia Sounds of Light. with well famous artists from worldwide. The charity concert which includes well famous artists from around the world will […]

Opportunity for young Australian Muslims at Sounds of Light 2017 Talent Quest

Young Australian Muslims are invited to participate in the Sounds of Light 2017 Talent Quest, which accompanies the Sounds of Light Charity Concerts. The internationally-recognised Sounds of Light Charity Concert (SOL) is the biggest event on the calendar of the Australian Muslim community. With destinations nationwide, SOL is an event that brings Muslim communities together […]

Muslim Community of Victoria Unites For Rohingya

Sunday 23th September 2017, was a day to stand for Rohingya people in their most terrible time. Human Appeal Australia Melbourne held a successful Fundraising Dinner in support of many Rohingya children and woman who fled their homes and arrived to the border of Bangladesh. Human Appeal Australia team visited the borders last week and […]