Human Appeal Australia is part of big Australian community, cares
about all and supporting initiatives that aim at making the future better.

It has been a long road over the past 27 years in Australia. Human Appeal
has done so much abroad to help those that are in need. However, the
source of all our achievements trace back to you, our generous
community. So it is only fair to return the favour.Human Appeal
Australia has ensured that it continuously gives back to the community
by sponsoring numerous programs that are of benefit & value. Such
programs include the numerous Eid Festivals where families go out with
their loved ones to enjoy a blessed occasion as well as lectures where international and
local guest speakers share valuable information and experiences for all people.

Human Appeal values the youth, in
particular school students. Recently we’ve
partnered up with Lighthouse Community
Support to sponsor the Wise Up Program
where various students from different
schools attend a course whose purpose is
to enrich them with knowledge on how to
constructively deal with various incidents
such as domestic violence, abuse and
bullying. This amazing initiative is also
supported by the Campsie Police, GWS
Giants, Bankstown PCYC and the State
Emergency Services (SES) Canterbury unit.

Charity is a concept that enhances many lives, both the receiver
and the giver. It brings out the best in people. Hence generosity is
a characteristic that must be absorbed from a young age. That is
why Human Appeal works closely with local schools by
supporting them in any way we can.

For years we’ve been sponsoring the annual Ramadan Iftars at
schools in NSW such as Birrong Boys, Homebush Boys, Belmore
Boys, Unity Grammar, Kingsgrove North High, Granville South
and Australian International Academy. All these schools have
raised considerable amounts and donated them to various causes
such as digging water wells, orphan sponsorship and emergency

We know that our Australian community is one of the most
generous in the world. Therefore, Human Appeal Australia has
taken upon itself the duty of continuously giving back and
investing in a brighter future for generations to come.


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