New Zealand
Stand with victims of the Christchurch – New Zealand mosques mass shootings. Human Appeal Australia is organising an urgent campaign to help victims of Christchurch vicious attack. We call upon you ...
Sunda Strait Strait in Indonesia
A tsunami following a volcanic eruption in Indonesia on Saturday (Dec 22) has killed hundreds of people, with hundreds more injured, officials said on Sunday.
Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq
Winter is back. With a frostier bite. Wishes around the world all share the same sentiment; food, clean water, medicine & warmth.
Idlib Syria
It’s that time of year When students across many disaster stricken countries starting their schools! Young kids anxiously looking forward to buying new stationery and supplies or even to ...
Idlib Syria
Grave concerns surround Humanitarian crisis among Syrians. About 3 million people, mostly civilians, are trapped in Idlib province.
Yemen Emergency Appeal The war in Yemen is now the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, with more than 22 million people — three-quarters of the population — in desperate need of aid and ...
The violent uprising that has been occurring in Myanmar has left destruction everywhere in its wake. The ethnic cleansing occurring in the country that has targeted the Rohingya population is ...