In 1991, we sensed a fundamental unfulfilled need of the Australian Muslim Community. The community was looking for a means to support the people suffering across the globe whether it was from natural disasters or conflicts. Through their donations, they wanted to help those who had no means of providing for themselves. It was from that need that Human Appeal Australia was founded.

From a single office in Sydney, we raised $39,000 in donations in our first year of operation. 28 years later with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, our total donations exceeded $200 million dollars, providing essential emergency relief and aid to countless recipients and helping establish thousands of vital projects around the world.


Bashar Al-Jamal (Director – Human Appeal Australia)

This milestone achievement would not have been possible without the grace of Allah (SWT) first and foremost, the continuous trust and generosity of our community and the dedication and hard work of our employees and volunteers. Together, we have brought smiles to millions of people and brightened their world. For that, we thank you.

However, during recent years, a noticeable surge in natural and man-made disasters increased the demand for emergency relief and aid. While the campaigns we initiated assisted millions of displaced and needy people, more are still waiting for help. This surge id forcing us to improve our work and develop innovative means to meet the demand increase.

Since 1991, we established strong and lasting relationships with our generous community. We formed unbreakable bonds with many organisations and individuals. Through these bonds, we have strived to support our local Australian community with their events and programs to demonstrate our appreciation for their support. The “High Achievers” and “Aspiring Leaders” programs are two examples of our investment in the Australian youth community.

As we look ahead, we pledge to continue our part in forming a better world for humanity. We accept the upcoming challenges of the modern world and promise you more innovative projects to further advance our mission – Continuing with you on the road to goodness.


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