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Syria Emergency Appeal



It has now been over 3 years since the Syria crisis began and with all the bloodshed and tragedy, recent strikes show no sign of slowing down. For those still inside Syria the daily attacks are still destroying homes, schools and more importantly the lives of thousands of innocent residents. Most recently the residents of Yabroud were the victims of air strikes and thousands have been forced to flee to neighbouring Lebanon seeking refuge. For those that have fled, their lives and dreams have been shattered.  Their houses have been destroyed and lives devastated , the road to recovery is a long and bumpy one for thousands of children, widows, the desolate and many others who have been left with disabilities as a result of injuries and lack of medical care. Many of us may have used the term ‘frozen to death’ numerous times but not thought much of it. Sadly, this rings true for all the Syrian refugees who have in reality frozen to death. This is due to a lack of heaters, blankets and more importantly lack of adequate shelters. We cannot comprehend how much of a struggle every day is bringing especially to the elderly who depend on daily medication among food and other necessities . 


With the number of refugees exceeding 9.5 million, Human Appeal Australia is pushing the limits in how much it can help and will not give up so long as our brothers and sisters are calling for help. Since the beginning of the conflict Human Appeal International has been working tirelessly inside Syria as well in neighbouring countries Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey providing for the refugees and those in need from the Syrians. By the will of Allah, Human Appeal International has managed to provide homes, heaters, food (including meat, bread/flour and other nutritious foods), water purifying units, clothing, medication, as well as medical treatment and education for the orphans and children. Our dedicated team will not give up and is determined to turn your donation into relief.


With Human Appeal International, your helping hand can stretch directly to the Syrians in need. HAI currently provides a number of packages and is working on developing more projects to provide relief for our brothers and sisters. Please click any of the below packages to help those who need you. May Allah give you on the Day you need it most


 Send aid inside Syria and provide assistance for the Syrian refugees

$100 provides a family with a food parcel, baby milk powder and hygiene kit

$100 provides 10 blankets

$100 provides medical aid provisions

$140 provides 200kg of flour and 8L of cooking oil

$250 provides a family with bedding, blankets & a heater

$550 pays for a child to attend school for one year

$600 distributes 1 tonne of flour to needy families 

$600 mobile medical clinic to treat 100 refugees a day

$1000 provides a solid-base home shelter which accommodates 7 people