Way to Make Donation


Make an online donation now by clicking onto our Donation Portal Here

Aspiring Leaders

A life changing opportunity

A unique and life changing opportunity of spiritual, academic and leadership growth under the mentorship of reputable instructors.

My Grand Iftaar

Coming together to help others

Host an Iftaar during Ramadan. With family/friends, have fun & raise much needed funds for those who are do not have the same opportunities.

Yr12 High Achievers

Rewarding excellence

This event recognises the hard work of students who receive an ATAR of 90% or above. Outstanding achievers are awarded with gifts & prizes!

Volunteer With Us

Stay local, give global

As a volunteer with Human Appeal, you will be not only saving lives, but receive a rewarding and indescribable feeling you will remember forever.

Gift Matching

Double your rewards

Many employers offer matching gift programs and will match the donations made or match volunteer hours made by their employees.

A Meaningful Du'a

A powerful heart to heart

Collectively we can call upon God to help alleviate the pain and suffering from those affected by natural disasters, war, sickness and poverty.

``And we inspired to them the doing of good deeds``

[Quran: Al Anbiya]

Human Appeal International Australia is an organisation belonging to the people. It was built on the support of our generous donors and hard working volunteers.

For us to continue our mission in helping the disadvantaged people of the world, we call upon you to get involved in our cause for the betterment of humanity. You can do this by volunteering with Human Appeal during its numerous campaigns and events. Whenever we have a stall at sponsored events, campaigns during Ramadan and Qurban as well as many other local initiatives, you can be the helping hand that contributes to changing someone’s life.

It is these small contributions that can evolve into something that positively impacts the world at large. Hence this is why it is encouraged:

“And we inspired to them the doing of good deeds.” (Quran: Al Anbiya)

So we encourage you to take that step forward in improving our global society by taking the path of goodness.

Human Appeal Charity Mascot

<< 4.16% Fundraising + 8.88% Administration 

In 2016 we used 86.96% of the funds which directly funded projects and programs that benefited children, families and entire communities. Learn More