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Aqeeqah (Sacrifice)

AqeeqaThe Prophet PBUH said: "Every newborn baby is in pledge for his Aqeeqah, a Sacrifice is made for him on the seventh day, his head is shaved and he (or she) is given a name" [Abu-Dawood].



What is Aqeeqah?

Aqeeqah is the name given to the sheep that is slaughtered to celebrate the birth of a baby. Aqeeqah is a sunnah that has been recommended by the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. He reported that every newborn baby should have an Aqeeqah slaughtered for it, the baby's hair should be shaved and a name assigned to it. All this should occur seven days after the birth, although it can also be performed after that time. As reported by our Prophet PBUH, the Aqeeqah for a male baby is two sheep and for a female baby one sheep.

How does HAI help in regard to your Aqeeqah? During the time of our Qurban Project, when you donate money for your baby's Aqeeqah, Human Appeal International will slaughter the sheep in Australia and have it distributed as either hard frozen pieces or canned. It can be sent to one of the following destinations for $130Lebanon, Syria and Syrian refugees, Palestine, Jordan, Kosovo, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Iraq, Bosnia, Burmese refugees, Central Africa, Sudan, Fiji, Pakistan, Somalia, Kashmir, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Indonesia, India, Eritrean refugees

After our Qurban Project is finished for the year, the sheep for your aqeeqah is slaughtered locally in needy regions (Somalia, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka) for $130 per sheep.