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Medical Program

Due to a lack of proper medical aid, thousands of people die each day as a result of common and preventable diseases. "An estimated 2.7 million persons die of malaria each year, 75% of them African children".
Many people do not have access to hospitals, clinics, nor doctors, while in some rural areas, medical aid can be tens of kilometres away, and with no transport, can take days before treatment is given.

Human Appeal International recognises this problem and has an established comprehensive medical program that is implemented by our field officers.
HAI implements the following programs to provide much needed medical relief:
 • Mobile clinics     • Medical convoys     • Land clinics      • Hospital sponsorship

Mobile Clinics

Mobile clinics are used to treat people who cannot reach clinics because they live in rural areas, or for those who cannot afford medical care. In situations where thousands of people are huddled in a small area with very little access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene, mobile clinics play a vital role in treating the most vulnerable - namely - women and children.
Equipped with up-to-date equipment, ambulances, and all the necessary medicines, each mobile clinic allows a trained nurse and a qualified doctor to travel from area to area, treating patients with ailments and injuries. The mobile clinics also act as health and safety, training and educational facilities.

Medical convoys

Medical convoys are the first line of medical help when an area has been hit by a tragic disaster. Medical convoys provide urgent treatment and medical supplies on a first aid basis to all those suffering from injuries.

 Hospital & clinics sponsorship

HAI also has a structure in progress whereby we sponsor the construction and running of large hospitals in heavily populated areas.