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Eid Clothing

One of the preferred sunnah acts on the day of Eid is to wear new clothes and to present nicely to others, as a demonstration of your happiness on such days. This is especially the case for children, who might enjoy and appreciate their new clothes on a different level.

Unfortunately thousands of children on this day do not enjoy this sort of celebration and happiness, because their parents or gaurdians (if any) cannot afford to provide for such occasions.

To participate in this great deed, donors can place any amount they wish towards purchasing clothes for these needy kids, and enable them to enjoy their Eid as was intended.



Human Appeal Australia is giving you the opportunity to put a smile on your orphans face as well as that of their families, so they too can join in with all the other children, laughing and playing with their new Eid clothing and gifts. With only a $20 donation your orphan will be provided with Eid clothing and an extra $50 his/her family will be provided with an Eid gift. Help us deliver hope and joy to an orphaned child and his/her family this coming Eid El-fitr.





Eid Clothing year 2016 Distributions