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Sponsoring an orphan is one of the greatest deeds that Allah (SWT) and his messenger Muhammad (PBUH) emphasised. Immense rewards have been guaranteed for those who sponsor needy orphans.


Orphan sponsorship involves providing adequate income for the orphan in order to secure his/her basic necessities of food, clothing, education and health care.

Today there are millions of disadvantaged orphans around the world who do not have the same opportunities as other children. Orphans are often deprived of food, clothing, sufficient health care and a good education.
Perhaps the greatest tragedy of all is their lack of education.
Given the opportunity of going to school, these orphans could develop practical skills, which would enable their communities to break out the cycle of poverty.



$50 will provide the following for an orphan: Sufficient food for the whole familyClothingEducational resources (fees, uniforms and books)Health care.
Once HAI has received your first payment we will send you full details of the orphan, including a full report, picture and Orphan Certificate. Every six to twelve months thereafter, you will receive an annual report that will contain the following: Progress report Photograph School report Update report from the field staffLetter from the orphan (where possible).
Click the Donate Now button and sign in to your account and request to start an orphan sponsorship. Alternatively you may contact us on 1300 760 155 or email to discuss further. More information is also available on the following pages.


All Children are created equal, thus they should have the same opportunities in life, the chance to grow up healthy and happy, to receive a good education and live in a loving and caring environment.

Unfortunately however, the statistics show a disturbingly different reality. 
"It is estimated that in the developing world, 1 child dies every 3 seconds because of a basic lack of safe water, health care, shelter and food (UNICEF)". 
Imagine losing one or both parents as a child.

Imagine being denied access to the basics of life. Being forced to endure the physical and emotional hardships of facing the world on your own. Imagine being forced into the often very difficult conditions of child labour, just so you can support yourself from day to day. No child deserves to face this situation alone!

Human Appeal International has been working with orphans and needy children since 1991. This immensely important program began in Sudan whilst HAI was delivering emergency response to the famine-stricken country at the time. Many children had lost their parents and were left without the crucial essentials required for life.


The orphan sponsorship program at HAI began with 20 orphans in Sudan in 1991.

The HAI program has expanded dramatically since then, growing year after year, to become a global network of support. Sadly numbers of orphans continue to rise each year as a direct result of draught, famine, natural disasters, and conflicts around the world, and so there is still an enormous amount of work to be done.

It is estimated that there are 143 million orphans in the world (UNICEF)
Human Appeal International is currently sponsoring almost 50,000 orphans in 15 countries including Sudan, Lebanon, Bosnia, Palestine, and Iraq. For as little as $50 per month, Orphan sponsorship can provide for vital needs and comprehensive care for orphans and their families. Regular monthly payments go towards easing their hardships and enhancing their quality of life prospects.

At Human appeal International we believe that Education is of special importance. When children are offered the opportunity to gain knowledge, they can develop skills which in turn enable them and their community to break out of the cycle of poverty and hopefully to a brighter future.

Human Appeal International also focuses on the orphans’ mothers by educating them and increasing their awareness of health and society. Special consideration is also paid towards infant orphans and orphans with special needs.

Out of our belief that the virtue and passion are parts of our Australian community, we have also dedicated our Sounds of Lightevent to the orphans, allowing you to show your support to children in need, in a very special way.

Please see our Sounds of Light page for more information. And remember, thousands upon thousands, of orphans are waiting for your assistance. Please spread the word, because we want to reach out to each and everyone who wants to help, and who wants to change an orphan’s life…




Our orphan sponsorship project is based on a comprehensive portfolio of information, complete with full detail of orphans requiring sponsorship and; project objectives and paramaters. You can often choose a specific orphan from this project and follow their progress over time.Simply complete the Orphan Sponsorship form, providing your: contact details, country of preference for orphan, details of the your nominated financial institution, and required sponsorship start date. You can then post the completed form to our address, email it, or fax it to us.Alternatively you can visit our offices in Sydney or Melbourne, or start the sponsorship process over the phone (provided that details can be verified over the line).Please see the Contact Us page for exact contact details.


Cash payments ($600 per year).Money order or cheque payable to Human Appeal International sent to our postaladdress.Direct Debit $50 per month, per orphan, will be deducted from your nominated account or credit card upon your authorisation.Deposit to our orphans account: Human Appeal Orphans FundAccount No: 06-2191 10280935Commonwealth Bank of Australia.
Human Appeal International has 14 offices around the world. These offices are staffed by well-educated, and informed individuals, with a unique knowledge of both local and foreign community needs. Through our local offices and our fieldwork, these staff members are often approached for assistance, or come across people in need (including both individuals and families).Based on experience, and observed conditions, a family might qualify for family sponsorship, urgent help, or other types of support, upon assessment. To assess if an orphan is eligible for sponsorship the following procedures are followed: The orphan’s family is visited by a supervisor.Family particulars and needs are assessed and documented. This includes collecting an orphans birth certificate, father’s death certificate, recent photographs and academic records (if applicable).Assessment is forwarded to the Orphans’ Coordinator at the local office. The Orphans Coordinator then reviews the assessment and qualifies the orphan for sponsorship by sending the orphan’s details to the head office.ID sheets detailing photos, age, health and family status are organised for the orphan, and presented to prospective sponsors.Note: the percentage of orphans, taken from each country depends on sponsor requests.
Sponsoring an orphan goes on for several years, usually until the orphan reaches the maturity age of 18 years. Sometimes, changes in orphan’s circumstances may bring an end to the sponsorship, e.g. marriage for female orphans, change of the financial status of an orphan’s family, or if the orphan or family are spending payments in a way that the sponsor might not approve. In all such circumstances, sponsorship payments will stop, and HAI we will try and explain the changing situation to you. We will also help find another orphan for you to sponsor.
Yes. Human appeal International will send you an annual progress report. Included in this report is: A letter from your orphan (if old enough to write) or guardian.An updated picture of your orphan.A school report card (if attending school).A general annual report about your orphan.
You can sponsor as many orphans as you wish. Many of our sponsors choose to sponsor more than one orphan. Many sponsors select orphans with the same age as their own children. This gives their children the opportunity to learn about the life of children growing up in a different country. The orphan sponsorship will have a positive impact on sponsors’ children, such as the development of compassion and solidarity with our disadvantaged communities around the world.
Note: when you sponsor an orphan, you're not locked into a contract of any kind. If your financial circumstances change and you are unable to make your sponsorship payments (temporarily or permanently), please contact us as soon as possible to see how we can continue supporting your orphan, or to allow us to make alternative arrangements (if need be).
Within 3 months of your sponsorship commencement and upon your request, Human Appeal International will provide you with the full address and contact details of the sponsored orphan. Taking into consideration that addresses and postal systems in some countries, or remote communities, are not as precise or efficient as developed nations, you will also have the opportunity to write letters to the orphan, and may receive letters from him/her. This is usually a good way to learn about the changes you are helping to make in their lives.
Yes you can. A visit to your sponsored child is a great opportunity for you to see the benefits of your contributions. Through our offices around the world we can provide help and assistance to facilitate your visit, but we recommend that you contact us prior to your departure so that we can help with arrangements. Over the years, Human Appeal International has encountered and encouraged several requests to visit orphans. We have provided sponsors with orphan addresses, and guided sponsors on how they can make their visit to orphans a safer and more enjoyable experience.
Yes, but the care and support Human Appeal International provides to orphans and their families often exceeds sponsorship payments made by individual sponsors. Human Appeals Comprehensive Care Program can be distinguished from that of other organisations in that Human Appeal International runs a program for not only singular orphans, but also their families, and siblings (if they're eligible and of appropriate age). This includes assisting mothers with their own educational, social and health plans, so that they can help their remaining family members overcome their hardships and work towards self-sufficiency. Part of this comprehensive care program is providing families with the tools and training to implement some small scale projects that can generate a future source of income, e.g. sewing machines, carriages, cows for milking, and chickens or goats for breeding. Furthermore, the orphan and family will be included in supervised educational and recreational activities throughout the year, and will remain listed at our local offices as priority recipients of several other aid projects including Eid Gifts, Qurban, and Zakat. In general, the orphan receives 75%of the payment in cash (calculated in the local currency every month).5% will be accumulated for the orphan as a money gift (at the end of the sponsorship). 5% to cover other aspects of the the Comprehensive Care Program, andup to 15% in administration fees (which include fundraising activities that help increase the amount of sponsors available and the number of orphans that can be helped).