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Water is the key to survival. Without it the health of the community and its members are put at a great risk.  The need for water has never been as critical as it is now, with nearly one billion people worldwide having no access to safe drinking water, and almost half the world's population lacking adequate sanitation. 

Water - Facts:

•    A person can survive one month without food but only one week without water.
•    Diseases related to water are caused either by the lack of water or drinking polluted water.
•    Such diseases include trachoma, hepatitis, typhoid, polio, malaria, sleeping sickness and meningitis.
•    Trachoma alone is the main cause of blindness of 6 million people worldwide.
•    2.4 billion people (nearly the half of world’s population) do not have access to adequate water supplies.
•    2.2 million people in developing countries die every year from diseases related to lack of water and drinking unsafe water.
•    Around 6,000 children – most of them less than 5 years of age - die every day from water-borne diseases.
•    The average distance that women in Africa and Asia walk every day to collect water is 6 km.

 HAI & Water Crisis:

Human Appeal International has been working to provide safe water to underprivileged communities since 1991. HAI contributes to resolving the water crisis in many ways. This includes bulding water wells and providing and distributing drinking water in the places of crisis. These places include: Bangladesh, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Senegal. Building water wells is one of HAI's most successful projects. This is a beautiful form of charity as it is Sadaqa Jariya. The rewards from this act will continue to be reaped by the donor as long as the recipients continue to benefit from the water.  The Prophet Muhammad  PBUH says: “Providing water is one of the best forms of charity (Narrated by Ahmed)".

The price of building a well varies from place to place:


Pakistan $450   Bangladesh $500 Afghanistan $2,000 Kyrgyzstan $2,300 
Somalia $4,500 Senegal $6,000    


You can also donate for the General Water Projects here




What will appear on the water well plaque?

You may choose to put your name or another person's name to be shown on the water well plaque/sign. At the time of placing your donation online, please fill in the "Well in the name of section" to specify the name. if this field is left blank, it will be filled with your name by default. 

What will I receive after my well is built? 

After the well is finalised the donor receives a report about the well that already been dug. This report includes:
• Appreciation letter      • Two small photos of the well      • One big photo, A4 size      • The number of beneficiaries