Human Appeal Australia as part of a Leadership Alumni initiative, in partnership with local businesses and organisations, is proud to announce the allocation of six undergraduate university scholarships to support Year 12 Achievement Award 2018 recipients who exemplify leadership and who demonstrate financial need.

Scholarship Categories
How much is the scholarship?
Who is eligible to apply?
How are the applications assessed?
Helpful information
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• Law/Politics: The Human Appeal Australia - Birchgrove Legal Scholarship
• Business/Leadership: The Human Appeal Australia – Halal Certification Authority Scholarship
• Media/Information Technology: The Human Appeal Australia – Al-Wasat Newspaper Scholarship
• Education/Health: The Human Appeal Australia – Queen Anne Business College Scholarship
• Accounting/Commerce: The Human Appeal Australia – MCC Islamic Finance & Investments Scholarship
• Engineering: The Human Appeal Australia Scholarship


All information provided by applicants will be treated as confidential.  At Human Appeal Australia we respect the privacy of your personal information. We collect personal information in your application to determine your eligibility for a scholarship, and to assess your application as part of the ranking and allocation process.  In accordance with privacy laws, personal information about you contained in your application will not be used for any other purpose or disclosed to any person who is not part of the assessment and allocation process, without your permission. You may have the right to access personal information we hold about you, subject to any exceptions in relevant laws, by contacting the Scholarships Unit as noted below.

Section 1: Personal details

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Section 2: Personal Statement and supporting documents

1.     Please provide your personal statement detailing the following:
  • What has brought you to study the course you have chosen to undertake?
  • Your level of financial hardship and how this has impacted your capacity to study in the past.
  • Your involvement in social and community leadership in Australia
  • Your future career goals and ambitions on graduating from University.
  • How you believe this scholarship will benefit you and help you complete your studies.

2.    Please Provide Documentary Evidence to support the financial disadvantage you describe in your personal statement. Please include the following :
  • Proof of financial disadvantage for example, Centrelink benefit statement, ATO statements, recent pay slips.

3.    Please provide evidence of your involvement in social and community inclusiveness and leadership in Australia .
4.    Please attach any other supporting documentation that you feel is relevant to your application.
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Section 3: Scholarship category

Section 4: Declaration

Being the applicant for the Human Appeal Australia Scholarship, do solemnly and sincerely declare that the statements made in this application and in the accompanying documents are true in every particular, to the best of my knowledge and belief.

I understand that it is my responsibility to provide the required supporting documentation with my application and that I will not be contacted for missing or incomplete supporting documentation. I understand that if I provide inaccurate information in this application this may result in cancellation of an offer of a scholarship or termination of a scholarship that has been paid and refund to Human Appeal Australia of any monies received by me.

I also understand that the scholarship assessment and allocation process is competitive and that not all applicants who meet the eligibility criteria will be awarded a scholarship.

Further, I understand that giving false and misleading information is a serious offence under the criminal code (Commonwealth).

I understand that should I be awarded this scholarship I will be required to:
  • Provide volunteer service: Total of 40 hours (4 x 10-hour sessions) in 12 months
  • maintain satisfactory academic progress
  • maintain full-time enrolment

I understand that should I be awarded this scholarship I may be required to:
  • participate in promotional activities related to this scholarship I have read and understood the information on page one of this form, including the declaration and agree to these conditions.

Section 5: Checklist

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