Providing relief to those in emergency situations

Acting fast to those who have been affected by wars, refugee crisis, famine, drought, floods and earthquakes by providing immediate relief as well as long-term recovery & development. Read More


Helping orphans stand on their own feet

Orphan sponsorship involves providing adequate income for the orphan in order to secure his/her basic necessities of food, clothing, education and health care. Giving them a brighter future! Read More

Water Wells

Providing people with clean drinking water

Aiming to contribute to the water crisis by building water wells & providing clean drinking water to those who are restricted from such luxuries or forced to drink from contaminated sources. Read More


Reviving the spirit of giving and feeding

Your contributions don’t only go towards helping individuals, families & communities to meet their basic needs for fasting, food and clothing, but also work to boost their faith, & put a smile on their faces.

Qurban & Aqeeqah

Distributing meat to millions each year

Each year we are at the forefront to providing millions of poor & needy people from across the globe with Qurban & Aqeeqah meat solutions for them to enjoy both during festive & non-festive occasions. Read More

Zakat Al Maal

Distributing your zakat to those who need it most

Zakat is the act of donating a certain amount of your wealth to charity. Your Zakat can play a huge role of transforming many needy families around the world for the better. Read More

Sadaqa Jariyah

Ongoing charity that benefits all involved. Forever

Contribute towards a project that will not only provide aid and relief to those that need it most, but you too will benefit by receiving ongoing, continuous  rewards, added to your scale of deeds. Read More

Income Generation

Creating sustainable micro economies

The aim of Income Generation projects is to allow low income families to earn an adequate income and help to rebuild or redevelop the societies/communities in which they live. Read more


Giving back and supporting our local communities

Through many local initiatives, we are able to provide the wider Australian community opportunities to develop themselves further and be part of many beneficial projects through Human Appeal Australia

Food Aid

Providing life's basics of food to the poor & needy

The rising need of providing the basic rights to millions of under nourished people is apparent. We have established short and long term solutions to assist those in need of food aid.

Medical Aid

Quick medical response at times of crisis

Recognising the problems with lack of medical help, we establish clinics, medical convoys and hospitals to assist those suffering from illnesses with the proper attention and help they deserve. Read More


Educating generations to benefit the world

Education &  vocational training is a key to eradicating poverty. Our educational programs help people become more self-reliant &  promote wider community development. Read More