The Year 12 High Achievers Awards has returned with newer and bigger targets in sight. Over the years we have been able to celebrate hundreds of high achieving students all over Australia whom have now progressed further into society whether it be at their respective universities or other occupations.

The sole purpose of the awards is to celebrate the amazing achievement of students; that is attaining a RAW ATAR of 90+. This is backed by ensuring that we empower these students to become positive contributors in the community in the best manner possible.

Human Appeal Australia is proud of these awards and even prouder of these students whom achieved high academic results. Education is a priority within our charitable portfolio and we will continue to make it so; by always working with our community on the road to goodness.


What are we about ?

We are about the future. The generation to come. And the legacies we have behind as Muslim.

Since the first Year 12 Muslim Achievement Awards was held in Melbourne in 2007, we have expanded to accommodate a growing number of Muslim students across Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and most recently Perth.

If you are excited to be a part of growing cohort of high achievers be sure to register today!

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Please bring a printed copy of your ID and ATAR Certificate to the HAIA Office in your city for validation by  15th February 2022


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