In February 2015, Human Appeal
Australia marked a new era of leaders
to emerge from the Muslim
community within Australia. We
initiated a new program that aimed to
create a group of remarkable leaders
that would have a positive impact on
the world and change it for the better.
The Aspiring Leaders Umrah Tour
was born.

Every year a group of 15 youth are selected from different cities in Australia to go on a trip of a lifetime. The tour begins with the pilgrimage to the Holy city of Mecca with the purpose of performing Umrah. They then depart to the city of light, Medina, where they visit the resting place of the beloved Prophet (pbuh) in Masjid Al Nabawi. Several museums are visited in both historical cities – Assalaamu-alayka Ayyuhan-Nabiy (The Prophet’s Project), the Holy Mosques, Ninety-Nine Names of Allah, Taiba, etc. The group also visit the Quran printing complex as well as the historical sites of Arafat, Mina, Quba, and Qiblatain.

After renewing and recharging spiritual and emotional connections at Islam’s Holiest places, the tour group then moves on to the city of Amman in Jordan. There they visit the historical ruins at Jarash, Um Qais and others. They then head to the Jordanian-Syrian border where they distribute aid to Syrian refugees and learn first-hand of the harsh conditions experienced.



This is followed by a visit to Human Appeal’s orphan
centre in Amman. The third destination of the tour is
Istanbul visiting the famous Fatih mosque, followed
by Topkapi museum, Sultan Ahmet and other
significant places. In Istanbul the youth leaders are
enlightened about the importance of understanding
the cultural interaction of Europe and Asia as well as
the rich Ottoman history.

Final destination for the group is Dubai in the UAE
visiting the headquarters of HAI in Ajman and
attending briefings about the Orphan Sponsorship
Program and the various humanitarian projects.
Throughout the tour participants attend leadership
workshops and development programs.



How to apply

To apply, complete the registration form and email the following documents too:

• One page Resume (include two non personal referees)

• Character reference letter

• Passport photo

Applications Closed


Human Appeal Australia is proud of the achievement of all
students and always looks forward to supporting
Australian generations who will benefit this
country and the world


• Muslim male aged 19-23 years.
• Australian citizen living in Sydney. Melbourne,
Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.
• Enrolled in a university degree course or
graduated with a university degree.
• Involved in volunteer community service.
• Have a valid Australian passport with at least
9 months before expiry.
• Character reference attesting to being a Muslim of
dignified, respectable and well mannered
personality signed by a mosque, Imam or
• Non-smoking.
• Fit and healthy.
• No serious medical conditions limiting travel by
air, land and sea.


Pay a $500 for non-refundable administration fee
(payable once application is accepted).
Buy comprehensive travel insurance cover
Sign an undertaking to raise $5000 over
12 months through any of HAI Australia’s
fundraising projects.

Pay for non-umrah visa, incidentals and personal
Take the required vaccinations for travel.
Buy Ihraam Clothing


Closing Date:
Sunday 10th December 2017 23:59 EST
(no late applications will be considered).
For more information contact:
Human Appeal Australia


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