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Adelaide, South Australia acted collectively and proven their generosity and support towards the victimized people of Rohingya.

On Sunday 24th September 2017, Human Appeal Australia in Adelaide held a successful fundraising dinner to help Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Br. Ali Kadir, Adelaide office manager of Human Appeal Australia expressed his appreciation to the audience for their positive response towards the call to help Rohingyas.

Imam Akram Buksh; Human Appeal Brisbane Office Manager shared his emotional field visit experience at Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh. This situation is dreadful and emergency relief should be deployed without delay to save lives. Especially lives of woman, elderly and children.

Brother Faiz our media director captured the audience by demonstrating the circumstances behind every image he has taken. Sadly, behind every image was a painful story.

Thankfully, the generous Muslim community of Adelaide was able to fundraise $141,000.

You can also be part of this campaign by donating from here.

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