A country that has experienced war since the 1980s and a war that spanned over 2 decades that has just ended. Politics aside, our concern is the people.

As a result of the constant conflict, the economic situation in Afghanistan has never been worse. More than 90% of the population are living on just $2 a day. According to the 2020 Doing Business Survey, Afghanistan was ranked 173rd of 190 countries for having a difficult business environment. This means it is extremely difficult for the people to actually work and earn a living.

So how does the population provide for its families?

The World Bank states that the Afghan economy is largely dependent on aid which was equivalent to 22% of the GDP in 2019.  However, the amount of aid provided to the country is expected to decline by 20% in the coming years.

Human Appeal Australia has a long history in providing various forms of aid to the people of Afghanistan in the forms of water wells, food & nutrition, emergency relief and educational programs.

Right now we are working with our field partners to provide food parcels to the thousands of displaced families that are out on the streets.

Help feed a family today!