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The people of Australia have proved once again that they can be counted upon when they are needed the most as Human Appeal International Australia held the first ever fundraiser on Facebook Live and the Voice of Islam Radio for the people of Aleppo. Starting with a smooth afternoon at 6pm on Friday the 16th of December, Human Appeal’s Project Manager, Issam Chaouk along with community figure Steve Dabliz & Hussin Goss – the President of Islamic Society Gold Coast, ensured they held a vibrant discussion with radio host Abrahim Zoabi & Rania Barjawi, describing the current situation facing the people of Aleppo.

Many community leaders from around the Australian continent were in touch through Skype calls, to encourage the people to donate. Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim from Perth, Imam Akram from Queensland, Dr.Asem Al Alwani from Adelaide joined by Human Appeal’s Adelaide office manager Ali Kadir, Sheikh Abdulsalam Zoud, Sheikh Motasim Jarrah, Bilal Haiek & Siddiq Buckley from Sydney all voiced in their opinions regarding the tragedy that is occurring with the people of Aleppo.

A rare occurrence appeared as the team was able to get in touch through a Skype video call with a journalist within Syria just on the outskirts of Aleppo. Rajaa Al Asaad described the conditions the people of Aleppo were going through and attempted to have an interview with a number of families yet they all refused as a result of the trauma they were experiencing.

Human Appeal Australia Director, Bashar Al-Jamal joined the team as he began explaining exactly how Human Appeal are sending their aid to the people of Aleppo and what their emergency relief entails ranging from heaters, firewood, blankets, winter clothing, food & medical supplies as well as tents.

The fundraising seemed endless as people were continuously called in and pledging to donate for Aleppo. Even little children were calling way past their bedtime just so that they help their fellow brothers and sisters in Aleppo. It was really amazing to see as the entire Australian community was involved for such a great cause whilst tradesman, businessmen, doctors and fellow citizens all contributed with whatever means they had. The total funds raised on the day amounted to an amazing $665,000.00, all being sent to help the people of Aleppo.

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