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For the first time in 60 years, Bankstown Girls High school held their first ever school iftar on Thursday the 16th of May 2019 and Human Appeal Australia was their proud sponsors.

Members of the Bankstown city council, teachers, police officers, parents, students and all supporters from the community were brought together and broke their fast.

Suada Bilali, Bankstown Girls High School Principal, welcomed guests and acknowledged the importance of the sharing meal together and the amazing work that Human Appeal does for the community.

‘At every event I attend I see Human Appeal Australia, such a reputable charity organisation always there to give a helping hand, absolutely amazing!’ said Tania Mihailuk, MP.

School students with their amazing hospitality served up hot cooked meals to all guests. For such successful turnout, Human Appeal Australia was the proud sponsors of the iftar, generated a quality leadership for the future generation and inspired individuals to do what is important for the sake of humanity. Raghda Assoum presented a powerful speech on behalf of Human Appeal Australia about the organisation, what it means to donate towards the neediest individuals of our nation and how any donation can change a life

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