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Burwood Girls School continues to pride itself of inclusiveness and multiculturalism.

The Night started with a call to prayer and when it was time to break fast, the queue for the buffet began. Students were heavily involved in the organisation of the event, the delicious soup for the Iftar was cooked by school students and amazing Chef Daniel.

About 100 people attended the school’s Community Iftar, including Mia Kumar, the Principal of Burwood Girls’ High School, Jihad Dib, MP and Jodi Mckay, MP.

Students and staff from Burwood Girls High School raised $1000 to go towards two water well, a charity program run by Human Appeal Australia and donated in a cheque presentation on the stage.

It was amazing to see so many students, teachers, staff and supportive parents from all backgrounds together in the spirit of sharing and community.

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