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The Number of COVID-19 cases in India has risen dramatically as they go through a second wave. The new strain is airborne and targets the lungs thus making it difficult for people to breathe.


To make matters worse, hospitals across the entire country have ran out of oxygen. Conditions are critical, forcing India into a state of extreme emergency. The pandemic has reached a staggering rate of 401,000 new cases daily. The total death toll has exceeded over 234,000 deaths.

Many states have ordered total or partial lockdowns on their citizens to try and slow the spread. With our brothers & sisters in India fasting the month of Ramadan, this makes their lives harder. Securing essentials like food and hygiene items has become extremely difficult.

Our team is in the field providing aid & relief to those in need.

During these blessed nights of Ramadan, multiply your rewards by acting urgently. Save the lives of our brothers and sisters in India. Provide them with Oxygen to breathe, food to eat and hygiene kits to stay safe.


 Hygiene Kit


 Food Parcel


Oxygen Tanks

Oxygen Concentration Plant:

Contribute to establishing two Oxygen Concentration Plants (valued at $100,000 each) that allow hospitals to continue to produce oxygen for patients.

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