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Deraa Emergency Appeal

First Aleppo, then Ghouta and now Deraa. Over the past few days, the city of Deraa has experienced a lethal surge of airstrikes targeting everyone indiscriminately.

One of the locals describes the “situation as critical. They (air raids) are targeting civilians from every corner. Families are stranded along the roads with no means to transport them.”

Since the start of the bombardment, at least 75 people have been killed. From that number, 23 were children and 14 were women. With the continuous shelling, the United Nations says that 160,000 people have fled from their homes.

Many have already walked miles to the Jordanian borders in hope of finding refuge yet are unable to do so. The UN states that Jordan has 1.3million Syrians in the country officially. That leaves thousands awaiting entry at the border.

Seraa Syrian Displaced

As such, there are countless Syrian families now on the streets with no shelter, food, water, medicine for the injured or any means of support.

Since the beginning of Syrian conflict, Human Appeal has been always aiding our fellow Syrians. We have distributed hot meals, medical supplies, water, baby milk & powder, food parcels and much more to those affected.

During Ghouta campaign Human Appeal Australia has helped thousands of families living in underground basements with much needed hot meals, and drinking water.

During Aleppo campaign, we swiftly responded by sending masks and medical supplies, and food, shelter and hygiene kits. We delivered Lifesaving supplies that made the difference to those people at the front line.

Now is the time to stand with the people of Deraa and help them get through this rough time by whatever means of help we can provide.

There is no hope unless we act now. Let’s stand with them and save a life

$500 Refugee Shelter (Tent) for A family

$250 Bedding (mattresses, Blankets and pillows) for A Family

$130 Drinking Water for A family 

$85 Hygiene Kit for five families

$65 Food Parcel including Baby Milk for a family

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