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On Friday the 30th of March, almost 18 Palestinians were killed during peaceful protests whilst over 1,500 people were injured as well. Over the past two weeks the number of deaths has risen to 31 as these peaceful protesters are being shot down by snipers.It was the start of a six week sit-in, when Palestinians when Palestinians across Gaza and the West Strip were struck with the devastation. Prior to the protest, Palestinians in Gaza were already under siege. For 12 years, thousands of Gazans have been living in impoverished circumstances due to blockades and electricity shortages. This means limited access to food, aid & fuel.

Following Friday’s event, many Palestinians are suffering with injuries in hospitals and medical supplies are running low.

Human Appeal Australia is already there in the field & urges you to sympathise with the victims of Gaza. Please donate to our Gaza emergency fund now!

The Blockade on Gaza

The Gaza strip has a history of difficulties. For over 12 years, the city with a population of more than 2 million civilians has been blockaded by land, air & sea. The Strip has experienced 3 attacks that have destroyed buildings, infrastructure, farms & most importantly stole thousands of innocent lives.

With each attack, the conditions that the people of Gaza live in seem to deteriorate even more. The poverty rate in the city is about 60% with many of that percentage reaching the extreme poverty line. The unemployment rate has reached 45% with more than half of that percentage being newly graduated university students.

Electricity within the Gaza Strip is only available for 4 hours daily. Imagine how factories can operate and most importantly, hospitals. Without electricity, surgical operations cannot take place and the machines that run on electricity cannot operate. That just adds on to the problems of not having basic and sufficient medical supplies.

The people of Gaza need food, clean drinking water, medicine & fuel to operate electric generators. They have no form of help except that which comes from humanitarian organisations.

Human Appeal’s Gaza office has been alleviating the suffering of the countless people in need for years. However, your generosity is still needed. Donate now to help a save a life.