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Syria – the ongoing tragedy  that won’t stop

The people of Eastern Ghouta have suffered many losses since February 18th, as over 1,099 civilians have been reportedly killed thus far.  Almost 227 of them are children & 154 are women. There are also at least 4,378 others that are wounded.

However, the situation has escalated as there was a chemical attack on April 7th, 2018. From these attacks at least 70 people were killed and hundreds others were wounded according to medics. These chemical attacks include phosphorus bombs, sarin gas, napalm, chlorine gas bombs and mustard gas; some of the worst & most painful ways to die.

The situation has been getting worse since November last year as the Syrian Network for Human Rights has stated that about 19 markets, 7 medical centres, 6 schools 3 kindergartens and 10 civil defence centres have been destroyed.

There are thousands of families now living in underground basements and shelters under piles of rubble, remnants of what used to be their homes. Many of them are living without water, sanitation or ventilation systems, making children highly susceptible to the spread of disease.

The UN Secretary General has described the population as living “hell on Earth”.

Food shortages are pushing the people to their limits. With bread costing 22 times the national average and almost 12% of children under the age of 5 are acutely malnourished. The situation seems only to progress to the worse.

With only 5 hours of ceasefire daily, many of the 400,000 in Ghouta are stuck facing an inevitable end.

Unless you act now. Stand with them and save a life.

They need your help. Now.

$100 Provide af family Baby Milk Powder and Biscuits for a family for one month

$150 Provide 10 families with hot meals a day

$200 Provide Urgent Medical Supplies

$300 Provide Cooking and heating coal for a family for winter season

$400 Provide Supply a family with bread daily for a month

$1000 Provide Supply 5 families with food parcels for a month 

–  $4500 Provide half a tonne of lentils