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Human Appeal Australia is launching an emergency appeal to fight the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 in some of the most vulnerable regions around the world.

As the world experiences the global pandemic of the Corona Virus COVID-19 and with the ongoing panic that is occurring at an international level, we implore you to have patience.

Whilst exercising patience we also urge you to take the necessary precautions. Implement the guidelines that have been placed by your local state health authorities as they are in place to ensure your safety. Make sure you:

  1. – Take social distancing seriously & stay away from crowded areas
  2. – Do not hoard items.
  3. – Maintain hygienic practices (wash hands, eat healthy foods)
  4. – Check in on the elderly in your area to give them the support they need.
  5. – God forbid, if you have symptoms, please self-isolate.


Over 460 thousands confirmed cases of Covid-19 have spanned the globe. Countries in lockdowns, travel bans and closed borders have been put in place in an attempt to curtail the spread. There is a deep concern about millions of refugees and displaced people living in overcrowded areas.If the virus takes hold in these areas that have such poor conditions of hygiene provision, isolation facilities and respiratory equipment.The impact will be disastrous.

The disadvantaged are struggling to feed their families after losing their source of income as a result of country lockdown. Human Appeal calls upon our generous community to donate.

Let us help by distributing urgent aid.

Donate now. Your generosity may save a life.

$120 Hygiene Kit

$50 Food Parcel

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