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Massive explosions in Lebanon has killed over 90 people and wounded over 4,000. The disaster sent shockwaves throughout the entirety of Beirut.

The city is in a state of panic as many homes have been destroyed and people still don’t know if their loved ones are safe or not.

What makes matters worse is that nearby warehouses containing medical supplies & wheat storages facilities have been affected and destroyed as well.

Human Appeal’s field offices in Lebanon are NOW on the ground with a convoy of 8 ambulances and 20 pandemics providing immediate first aid and transporting victims to nearby hospitals.

More of our team are on the way to implement search & rescue operations for the countless people still missing under the rubble.

First the poor economic situation, then the COVID-19 pandemic & now this. The people of Lebanon desperately need our help.

We’ll be providing medical assistance, hygiene kits, food parcels & rebuilding homes as quick as we can.

Lend a helping hand & together, let’s #Save Lives in Lebanon.