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Campaign description

In Lebanon, one-third of the population is considered poor according to United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA).

This translates to around 1.5 million individuals living on less than 4 dollars a day or 120 dollars a month, struggling to make ends meet from rent, food, and healthcare, as illustrated by the UNDP’s ‘Rapid Poverty Assessment in Lebanon’ in 2016. 

Basically, Foreign remittance inflows are of the utmost importance, as one-third of Lebanese families depend on financial support from their loved ones abroad. 

The worsening situation in Lebanon has made the troubled lives of the needy people there more difficult. With a third of Lebanese people already living in poverty, some of them cannot afford their daily food or have been forced into hundreds or thousands of dollars in debt. Unfortunately, the current situation is not expected to ease soon.

Human Appeal Australia through its offices in Lebanon is launching a campaign to help those in need. We may not be able to eradicate poverty however we can ease the lives of some, by providing them with means of survival like food, clothes and medical aid.

We call upon you to stand in support and solidarity with the disadvantaged families of Lebanon by donating during these tough times.