Appeal Description

Together; let’s shelter them, warm their hearts and feed their hunger


The ongoing conflicts around the world have left millions of refugees in dire need of life-saving supplies. They live under constant grave threats and continuous struggle for food, clean water and health care. What makes the danger even worse in some areas is that winter is knocking at the door. The season of blizzards, extreme cold and frostbite has arrived once again.

With 5.5 million Syrians scattered across Europe and the Middle East and 6.3 internally displaced due to the ongoing civil war, many are left in the streets and refugee camps to fend off the harsh weather winter presents. The violence has also spread over to neighbouring Iraq where 3 million Iraqis have fled their homes where almost a quarter of million are living as refugees in neighbouring countries. The people of Yemen are also facing critical levels of deterioration as almost 20 million of them need humanitarian assistance whilst 2 million are displaced.

Even though the Rohingya people of the Rakhine state do not share the bitter cold of winter, they have seen and continuing to face the atrocities of violence and oppression. Countless media outlets and humanitarian organisations have shared the same view, the Rohingya are in a state of emergency. More than 835,000 are now residing as refugees in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh. Deprived of food and shelter, they need immediate help.

Just imagine, sleeping on the muddy ground in a refugee tent. No blankets, no warm clothing, no heating and no food.

Human Appeal Australia is urgently appealing for funds to deliver emergency supplies to millions of refugees in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine and Bangladesh (Rohingya Refugees)

Human Appeal Australia has deployed its teams to distribute winter aid for those in need. Your contribution will provide warmth and the much needed life-saving supplies to those living on the move.

Donate Now. Help our brothers and sisters get through the harshness of winter.

$100 Provides a family with a food parcel, baby milk powder and hygiene kit.

$100 Provides a family with warm clothings.

$200 Provides a family with heating fuel for the period of winter

$250 Provides a family with bedding, blankets, plastic mats and a heater.

$350 Provides an emergency tent for a refugee family

$550 Provides Syrian Refugees education at school for a child (1 year)

$600 Provides 1 tonne of flour to the poor and needy.