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Yemen Emergency Appeal

The war in Yemen is now the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, with more than 22 million people — three-quarters of the population — in desperate need of aid and protection, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said. (CNN)

He also added that “As the conflict enters its fourth year, millions are without access to clean drinking water and the country is at high risk of a cholera epidemic. He said over 8 million people in the country “did not know where they will obtain their next meal,” and that “every ten minutes, a child under five dies of preventable causes.”

Since the conflict began in March 2015, the people of Yemen have not seen a moment of safety & stability. With the recent escalation, the situation won’t seem to improve any time soon.

The conflict so far had claimed the lives of more than 10,000 people and injured at least 40,000. From the population of 28 million people, 8.4 million are on the verge of starvation and almost 22 million people are in dire need of aid that they are depending on.

The living conditions in Yemen seem to have worsened even more. The city of Hodeida has already had 30,000 families flee their homes to escape the battles. Within the last 3 weeks, more than 151 people have been injured. The water supplies have been hit as well. People are now relying on water from mosques, wells. There is now a high risk of a cholera outbreak due to the limited access to safe clean  water. If water is isn’t the only issue, then add food onto the list as the World Food Program stated that the fighting could result up to 1.1 million people being trapped within the city of Hodeida in need of emergency food assistance.

Thousands of families have abandoned their homes & taken refuge in schools where there are no mattresses, electricity, water, bathrooms or anything of use. Many malnourished children are in dire need for clean water, milk, food and medicine.

Human Appeal through its partners is there to deliver assistance to our fellow Yemeni brothers and sisters.

They are calling for help. They are calling for you. Donate now:

Provides a family with a food parcel
Provides four families with clean water for a month
Provides a displaced family with shelter including: tent, bedding and blankets
Deploying mobile clinic to provide medical aid to 500 people
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