Since 1991, Human Appeal Australia has built over 12,000 water wells, providing safe clean water to more than 2 Million people.

“Providing water is one of the best forms of charity”  Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Well in Pakistan $450

Donate Now to dig a well in Pakistan

(Note: Due to COVID lockdowns in Pakistan, wells may take about 12 months to complete.)

Well in Afghanistan $2,000

Well in Somalia $4,500

Over 1 billion people worldwide don't have access to clean
drinking water. Together we can provide long term solutions
and provide people with their basic rights of having clean


You may choose to put your name or another person’s name to be shown on the water well plaque/sign. At the time of placing your donation online, please fill in the “Well in the name of section” to specify the name. If this field is left blank, it will be filled with your name by default.

After the well is finalised the donor receives a report about the well that already been dug. This report includes:

  • Appreciation letter
  • Two small photos of the well
  • One A4 size Photo of the well and the beneficiaries
  • Stats about your well, including the total number of beneficiaries


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