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As part of the preparations of the launch of HOPE Human Appeal Australia Community Care (HAACC) has conducted a workshop for the volunteers who will be carrying out the project within the coming weeks.

The worship took place Human Appeal’s Training Room in Punchbowl.

Amin Al Bureeny & Souhair Afiouny of HAACC Team presented the project outline meanwhile the participants took notes of the valuable information provided by Sandra Loyola-Sandoval – Ageing & Disability Manager at CBCC and IWAA Sydney’s Branch Manager Sue Hamdouch.

The HOPE initiative “Helping Older People Engage”. A project which aims to reduce social isolation for seniors during COVID-19, while maintaining the current social distancing advice.

HOPE project will help older people connect with each other, through online engagement and/or other methods that maintain social distancing. We will foster social inclusion for seniors through social phone calls including face to face and offer a Walk While We Talk alternative for those who are not able to use their devices, phones or computers.

If you are or you know of a senior 65 years and over requesting our help to stay connected, we kindly ask you to apply:

HOPE is project run by Human Appeal Australia Community Care as part of “Combatting Social Isolation for Seniors during COVID-19 Grants Program” initiated by The NSW Government to reduce social isolation for seniors during COVID-19.

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