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With this second wave of COVID-19 hitting our shores, Human Appeal Australia is working tirelessly to help vulnerable members of our community. Additionally, Human Appeal Australia is lending a helping hand to our local organizations by providing some essentials helping them fighting the epidemic. Today the 22nd of July 2020 the director of Human Appeal Bashar Al Jamal accompanied by the Head of Community Care Amin El-Bureeny, Mohammad Shokrany and Omar AL Jamal visited Liverpool Hospital to thank those who are at the frontline fighting the epidemic, the doctors, nurses, and management and delivered a gift to the hospital contained medical masks, gloves and hand sanitizers to help them with their quest to keep us and our families safe.

Ms. Karen McMenamin Liverpool Hospital General Manager expressed her gratitude for the generous donation thanking Human Appeal for the great initiative and praising their partnership with Human Appeal for the benefit of the community.

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