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Human Appeal Australia is proud to announce the launch of Divine Legacy Conference Tour 2019. An inaugural landmark event that will be held in four cities across Australia: Melbourne on 6th December, Adelaide 7th December, Sydney 8th December and Brisbane 9th December 2019.

The event features renowned inspirational speakers like Sheikh Mufti Menk along with prominent Quran reciters Sheikh Mohamed Gebril, Imam Ishak Danis and stand-up comedian from Chicago Azhar Usman.

The conference is a biennial project that will mostly focus on the Holy Quran; the Muslims miraculous book that continues to inspire hearts and minds across the globe since 1400 years ago.

Divine Legacy is a unique occasion established to promote diversity, create an environment of unity through helping those in need, and provide a better understanding of the holy scriptures especially among younger generations of Australian Muslims.

This year’s conference will highlight the topic: Women in Quran, with carefully selected issues that will concern the daily lives of women and their families in the modern world. The event will include a fundraising segment designed to help alleviate the hardship of many disadvantaged women and children and their communities across the world.

For 28 years, Human Appeal Australia has been working hard to help those in need. In this time, we have generated over 26,000 local leads, close to a million followers on social media outlets and a well-established marketing network. Human Appeal Australia would like to offer you the opportunity to utilise our platform to raise your brand awareness and market your business and projects to a wider range of potential leads.

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