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Winter Appeal

Help provide warmth to those in need and save their lives this winter.

Warmth; The one word millions will be praying for across Middle East as countless people from Syria, Iraq & Yemen prepare themselves for the coldest winter yet to come.

The mass populations of Syrian refugees have scattered along Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey leaving most of them homeless with no means to survive the incoming bitterness of winter as a result of the conflict occurring at this time. Additionally millions of vulnerable people around the world particularly in Afghanistan, Kashmir and Palestine are facing harsh freezing winter. Without sufficient shelter, food or clothing, this winter will inevitably be a difficult one.

There are many children and elderly that will have to struggle as a result of frostbite, sickness and a lack of food and no shelter. That is why we call upon you to lend your support to those in need of urgent help.

Human Appeal International Australia is already present in the field delivering aid to many victims of the ongoing violence. We have supplied emergency relief by providing beddings, warm clothing, fuel & heaters. The cold winds of winter are on the move yet your immediate action can save a life.

Your generosity provides the much needed warmth to those need it.

Help us by helping them and be the cosy feeling they are all hoping for this winter.