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The event was attended by well known Imams, politicians & prominent community figures. During the dinners, we presented our latest charity projects for needy countries like Syria, Palestine, Sri Lanka and many others. 800 guests broke their fast for a generous cause in Adelaide, Melbourne & Sydney. With their generosity, over $400k was donated for the purpose of aiding numerous poor and needy people around the globe.

The 3 nights were mesmerizing as the international guest, Yahya Hawwa, created a warm atmosphere with his serene voice, singing heart-felt nasheed about Syria. With the support & generosity of the Australian community, we have been able to touch the lives of many needy people this Ramadan & improving their conditions for the better Inshallah.

Human Appeal would like to thank everyone who supported us to bring smiles to the disadvantaged people of the world. Together, we can do so much more by reviving the spirit of giving this Ramadan.

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