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On Wednesday, 13 November 2019, the Human Appeal Australia team went to deliver aid during the catastrophic bushfires. The team also included Radwan Danoun, the head of the Bankstown Eid Show. At Wauchope the group met with Ken, a deputy incident controller of the NSW Rural Fire Service and SES members at the headquarters brigade, who were on the frontline doing the utmost in protecting homes and people in battling the severe fires.  Hundreds of people were affected by the catastrophic bushfires and evacuated from their homes, were placed in disaster relief centres and in dire need of aid.

Human Appeal, as part of its Community Care initiatives, immediately went to the field distributing packages of food, water and daily necessities to help alleviate the community who were severely affected in Taree and Wingham.

The locals shared survival stories, traumatic events that occurred during the disaster, how each individual courageously supported and volunteered to console the rest of the community.

Indeed, this generous contribution left a remarkable impression among residents of the affected areas. “We are gratefully appreciated by your team”, said the north coast local hero Gabby Wyse.

“We are all a big family, and we are sending you regards and a message from the generous donors of Human Appeal Australia, that we are standing in solidarity with you at your times of need” –Said Amin El-Bureeny, the head of the Community Care at HAA.

Human Appeal Australia, since its inception in 1991, has been providing aid during local emergencies like the current severe drought, floods, bushfires and will continue helping those in need locally and internationally.

Human Appeal Australia, always with you on the road to goodness.

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