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On Thursday, 26 August 2021, a 40 Foot Container jam packed with food relief items left ABW warehouse to be shipped to Lebanon as part of the huge relief campaign Human Appeal Australia is running to aid the people there.

The Situation in Lebanon has continuously spiralled down from bad to worse over the past 2 years, No food. No medicine. No jobs. No electricity and now no fuel. The situation in Lebanon has continuously spiralled down from bad to worse over the past 2 years with the Central Bank ending fuel subsidies, making the resource impossible to attain for many.

More than half the country is living below the poverty line with hyperinflation causing the prices of many necessities to skyrocket. The Lebanese Lira has lost its value significantly by 13 fold. People are reaching a breaking point.

With the generous support of local businesses and the great contribution of ABW Foods, a 40 Foot Container will be sent to Lebanon to aid those who are in need the most. Rice, Oil, Lentils, Noodles and many more items that are considered essential to the household are packed in the container. The generosity and professionalism of ABW Foods have made the shipment extremely and supposed to help thousands of needy people once arrives at destination.

Human Appeal Australia would like to thank ABW Foods and the generous community in Australia for making this possible.

Although this container will aid thousands. However, many more are still waiting for help. Please donate generously to help our brothers and Sisters in Lebanon.

Doante Now.

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