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Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, millions of Syrians have fled the country. According to the UNHCR report in early February this year, Jordan is hosting 635,324 refugees from Syria. That is only the number that we know of. Many thousands of these refugees have been stranded at the Jordanian border since it was closed.

There are countless of medical conditions amongst these refugees as well as life threatening emergencies hence the need for the ambulances.

Mr Al-Jamal attended the ceremony with the Australian Ambassador to Jordan, the Honourable Miles Armitage, to show the support that the Australian community has towards the Syrian people & to stand with them in solidarity through their time of need. The Human Appeal Director delivered a short speech outlining these values and then presented plaques of appreciation to the Australian Ambassador & Brigadier-General, Saber Al-Mahayra, thanking them for support & cooperation. The 3 ambulances provided by Human Appeal are equipped with the latest medical equipment & have already made a significant impact by carrying wounded Syrians as a result of the conflict, pregnant mothers & sick refugees.

This goes to show that Human Appeal will always extend a helping hand to those in need. We are part of a global community & hence it is our duty to help our fellow brothers and sisters in humanity. We have been supporting distraught Syrian people since the beginning of their conflict & we will continue to do so with your support and generosity.

It is something we are proud of & something our donors should be proud of too so we thank you.

Always with you on the road to goodness.

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