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Human Appeal International Australia is proud to be involved with events that celebrate multiculturalism by bringing people of different backgrounds together in the spirit of sharing and community

For the first year, Human Appeal Australia sponsored Ramadan Iftar dinner at the Sir Joseph Banks High School on Wednesday the 23 of May. The event was a great success with hundreds of students, parents and teachers from different faiths in attendance.

On Thursday the 24rd of June, Human Appeal Australia proudly sponsored the second Ramadan Iftar held by Kingsgrove North High School.

The events included talks by school principals or their representatives and local government and community officials who spoke of the need to celebrate and share experiences together.

As a part of the dinner programmes which were mostly MCd by student leaders, the Sheikh Wessam Charkawi and Sheikh Ahmed Abdo highlighted the importance of the Iftar Dinners and virtues of the Ramadan.

Sir Joseph Bansks High School

Kingsgrove North High School

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