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Areas visited:

Balaroa, Sidera Village, Sigi, Petobo, Loli Donggala, Loru village

Aid distributed:

  • Food Packs
  • Hygiene and sanitation kits
  • Baby kits
  • Emergency shelters
  • Clean Water

On the 25th October 2018 a team from Human Appeal Australia visited Indonesia to oversee the relief efforts and help in distributing aid to brothers and sisters affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami that hit Sulawesi – Indonesia on Friday 28th September 2018.

The HAA team were shocked by the survival stories and horrific scenes caused by the natural disaster. A heart-breaking story was told by Mrs Santi; she lost her son Anugerah Saputra during the earthquake. When the earthquake was happening, Santi and her husband were outside. Anugerah was sleeping inside the house. Realizing that Anugerah was still inside the house, she ran back to her house and heard him screaming – he was trapped under the rubble. Mrs Santi grabbed Anugerah and hugged him, but it was too late. He passed away in her arms. Anugerah was 5 years old and Mrs Santi’s only child.

Another story is of a boy from Petobo. His neighbours described how he lost his mother but Alhamdulillah the boy and his father survived the earthquake. His father goes to Petobo every day looking for his wife that is still missing. The boy is very traumatised – he does not want to speak at all.

In Loru village, 300 families are living in shelters. The HAA team distributed hot meals and hygiene kits there. Many people gathered seeking help.  The team promised them that they will come back and give them help next time.

The hot meals distribution has been very beneficial for people affected, especially for children, as they need the protein in beef. Most families have no cooking utensils as they lost all their belongings when they fled their houses. They also have no source of income as they lost their livelihoods.

The HAA team noticed that children and adults are traumatised and anxious about their future. Besides distributing food packs, water and hygiene kits, we need to provide them with a source of income and livelihood projects to empower them so they don’t only depend on help from others.

Much help is still needed:

Temporary shelters

The need of temporary shelters is high because the rain season is coming. Although it is not enough but because of the time needed to build the temporary houses the emergency shelters are important to shelter them while waiting for temporary house.

Temporary schools

Due to the earthquake 60 schools were destroyed. School resumed on 28th of October. Students are studying in tents which are not very convenient. Temporary schools and permanent schools are really needed for to enhance the surviving children’s education.

Trauma healing

A trauma healing program is sorely needed, especially for children who experienced such a horrific tragedy. Simple activities that can make them laugh and forget what happened for a while could ease their traumas.

Income Generation Projects:

During the recovery phase these projects should be adopted as part of the relief efforts. The victims cannot depend on help from others for a long time. They need to be independent to continue their lives and generate their own income.

There are still many affected people in need of your help. Share the goodness and help us help them.

Please donate generously to Indonesian Quake-Tsunami Emergency Campaign.

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