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Sunday, 23 September 2017, was a day to stand for Rohingya people in their most terrible time. Human Appeal Australia Melbourne held a successful Fundraising Dinner in support of many Rohingya children and woman who fled their homes and arrived to the border of Bangladesh.

Human Appeal Australia team visited the borders last week and witnessed the unbearable living situation that the Rohingya refugees are facing at the moment.

The Muslim community of Victoria has responded responsibly to the urgent call by attending the fundraising event, showing the support and donating generously for the noble cause of helping the less fortunate Rohingyas.

Mufti of Akar from Lebanon, sheikh Zaid Zakareya, was there as a special guest along with Imam Alaa El Zokm, from the Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV), who gave a wonderful speech on the night. A number of Imams and Islamic Schools representatives from the community also attended the event.

At the end of this blessed night, together Human Appeal Australia Melbourne with VIC community was able to raise $238,000.

You can also be part of this Appeal by donating from here.

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