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On Tuesday, 30 May 2023 As part of its efforts to eradicate poverty and help the needy people in disaster stricken areas Human Appeal Australia has entered into an international agreement with UNICEF Australia to collaborate in implementation of two essential projects in Sudan and Syria, the projects are aimed at fighting Nutrition Crisis in Sudan and Rehabilitating Water Systems in Syria.

The agreement were signed in a meeting that took place in UNICEF Australia’s headquarter in Sydney, Human Appeal Australia represented by Managing Director Bashar Al-Jamal, Director of Projects Issam Chaouk and Financial Controller Mohammed Razeen, UNICEF’s  CEO Tony Stuart, Director of International Programs Alice Hall and Saadgi Rajani Partnerships Manager.

Collaborations between organisations like Human Appeal Australia and UNICEF is crucial in addressing the needs of vulnerable people, including refugees and needy people in crisis-affected areas such as Sudan and Syria. These partnerships often aim to provide assistance in areas such as healthcare, education, nutrition, and water and sanitation.

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